The Hard Yards: My journey from utter loss of creativity

So, I wasn’t to share my story over the last 6 months with you all because, why not?

I was utterly done with photography, I hung up my straps, went to sell my lenses, cameras and put a complete stop to photography. Now, for most people, what would have been okay, for most people who know me they probably would not have cared. But over the last month (January 2020) I’ve had to slap myself hard and come to the realisation that I really, really shouldn’t give it up. I started photography when I was 15 years old. I loved it, my mother saw the potential in me and bought me my very first camera. I use to save my money to buy new camera gear, I use to take pride in my website and marketing and for what? To throw it all away? Hell no.

Here are the excuses I came up with. Maybe photographers are struggling with the same things:

  • The Photography market is too saturated to make an impact
  • Everyone has a camera now, what makes me so different?
  • Photography isn’t my passion anymore.

That last one is total bull sh***. It’s funny how easily you can trick yourself into thinking things, and then they take over your whole perception of something.
I learnt in the 6 months I was away from photography that it’s okay to take time off. It has a way to re-aligning you, It helps you see the world in a new light, new opportunities and ways you could improve. For some photographers, the above “excuses/reasons” are real, some people do lose a desire to continue. I get it, and I understand. But somewhere deep down I just wasn’t ready to accept it.

My dear friend Jason, (my second shooter and videographer) I don’t think believed I gave up. He’d always invite me out to shoot, be a second shooter on his weddings, and still talk camera with me. I honestly think this was his plan. Well, it worked. It’s wasn’t until people asked me questions about wedding photography, my experiences and asked for technical advice that I understood I actually retained a passion there somewhere. I have a lot of appreciation for my friends who never gave up on me, for those people who questioned me and those who had no clue, but somehow still changed my mindset.

2020 is going to be a fantastic year, and I’m ready to come back full swing.